Police Commission Seeks Hearing Examiner Applicants

July 28, 2006

Los Angeles – The members of the Los Angeles Police Commission are looking for Board of Rights Hearing Examiners and for Police Permit Hearing Examiners. On June 20, 2006, the Police Commission approved the new Hearing Examiner Selection and Appointment Process, paving the way for interested community members to fill at least 25 Hearing Examiner positions. The Commission is specifically looking for individuals with a community service background combined with arbitration, mediation, administrative hearing, or comparable work experience.

Police Commissioner Anthony Pacheco, one of the architects of the new process, stated, "We are very pleased to announce these openings to all community members interested in serving the City of Los Angeles in a meaningful way. This unique opportunity allows individuals to make a significant impact in LAPD matters."

Board of Rights Hearing Examiners participate as members of a tribunal that conducts quasi-judicial administrative hearings on police officer disciplinary matters. A Hearing Examiner participating in a Board of Rights makes findings of fact based on sworn testimony and evidentiary submissions, and may recommend to the Chief of Police that a sworn member of the Police Department be suspended, demoted, or removed.

Police Permit Hearing Examiners conduct quasi-judicial administrative hearings on police permit matters involving businesses regulated by the Board of Police Commissioners. A Hearing Examiner conducting police permit hearings makes findings of fact and may recommend to the Police Permit Review Panel that a business permit be granted, denied, suspended, revoked, or conditioned.

These "as-needed" positions are compensated with $900 for a full day hearing, $450 for a half day hearing, and $900 per final report. Interested individuals may obtain further details and an application online by going to LAPDOnline.org, and clicking "Police Commission." Or, individuals may call the Police Commission at 213-485-3531, for more information.