Police Commission Supports Sheriff Baca’s Tax Initiative

March 16, 2004

" Police Commission Supports Sheriff Baca’s Tax Initiative"

Los Angeles: Today, the Los Angeles Police Commissioners unanimously supported Sheriff Lee Baca’s tax proposal, which if passed, would result in $168 million in increased revenue for the Los Angeles Police Department. In the past months, the Police Commission has been reviewing options to develop public safety funding due to the shortage of funding from the State of California. Sheriff Baca’s initiative, which is slated for the November ballot, will not alleviate all LAPD budget issues, but it will greatly assist in hiring much-needed officers for the City of Los Angeles.
Los Angeles Police Commission President David S. Cunningham, III, stated, "Compared to other large cities, Los Angeles has a dangerously low percentage of officers to residents. We have been lucky because the Department has been effective in using its limited resources, but we just can’t continue this trend. We must hire more officers, and Sheriff Baca’s proposal will help us achieve the goal of increased public safety in the City of Los Angeles."