Police Initiate Investigation into Possible ‘Hospital Dumping’ Case

April 11, 2007

Los Angeles: On Wednesday, April 11, 2007, around 12:30 P.M., an elderly man wearing hospital garments was brought by taxi to the Los Angeles Mission, 303 East 5th Street, in downtown Los Angeles. The man was in possession of paperwork indicating he had just been discharged from Downey Regional Medical Center.

Central Area Senior Lead Officer Deon Joseph witnessed the man, who could barely walk, struggling to get out of the taxi. The LAPD has now opened an investigation to determine if any laws were broken.

In recent months the LAPD has heightened its efforts to combat illegal dumping of indigent patients in the skid row area. Investigators will be questioning the taxicab company, hospital personnel, mission employees, and the patient to determine whether this case constitutes a crime.

Video footage made by police officers showing the man when he arrived at the L.A. Mission is available by request from Media Relations Section.

Hospital Dumping Video