Press Conference to Announce Arrests in Prostitution Sting

December 15, 2003

"Press Conference to Announce Arrests in Prostitution Sting"
Captain Mike Downing, Commanding Officer of Hollywood Area
Press Conference
Tuesday, December 16, 2003
3:00 p.m.
Official Police Garage
1015 N. Mansfield

Los Angeles: Over the weekend, the Los Angeles Police Department’s Hollywood Vice Unit conducted a Prostitution Sting Operation. During the operation, 25 people were arrested for soliciting acts of prostitution. A total of 20 vehicles were seized pursuant to the newly enacted Los Angeles Municipal Code Section 41.70, which provides for the seizure and forfeiture of vehicles used by " Johns" who solicit or attempt to solicit an act of prostitution. Since this law became effective February 9, 2003, a total of 56 vehicles have been seized for Prostitution violations and 4 vehicles were seized for narcotics solicitors.
Seizing the vehicles of those who solicit prostitutes is a problem-solving tool that has been used, and proven to be effective, in many northern California cities. "We believe this new law will dramatically impact the demand for this quality of life crime, which brings blight and disorder into many neighborhoods throughout the city. We look forward to conducting many more of these types of operations in the hope that the market for street walking prostitution will dry up in the City of Los Angeles,"said Captain Michael Downing, Commanding Officer of Hollywood Area.
This news release was prepared by Public Information Officer Lucy Diaz, Media Relations Section, at 213-485-3586.