Prolific Car Thief Arrested NR16152rmh

May 6, 2016

Los Angeles: On May 2, 2016 Harbor Area Auto Detectives served a Search Warrant in the 100 Block of East I Street in Wilmington. Thanks to the cooperation from the community and as a result of the Search Warrant, the suspect was arrested for receiving stolen property.

Search Warrants are extremely effective in combating crime, especially when the chronic offenders live in the area in which they commit crimes. Harbor Area has been actively seeking solutions to reduce property crimes such as Auto Thefts, Burglary from Motor Vehicles, Thefts, Etc.

Educating the community is the foundation for lowering the rate of property crimes. This is usually done through outreach efforts by our Senior Lead Officers and by proactively seeking out these chronic offenders where they loiter.

As the community becomes more engaged in the effort to take back their neighborhoods from these chronic offenders, the efforts of Harbor Area personnel will become more effective. The recent success of the aforementioned Search Warrant is proof that chronic offenders will have fewer and fewer places to “hide” within the very communities they victimize.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call Detective Carmine S. Sasso, Harbor Area, Autos Coordinator, at (310) 726-7876. He will be available for interviews. If a Spanish speaking investigator is requested, Detective Sasso will ensure that a Harbor Area Spanish speaking investigator is available.