June 23, 2017

Los Angeles: The Los Angeles Police Department’s dedication to youth programs has made significant impacts on thousands of young Angelenos and their families through the Cadet Leadership Program, Juvenile Impact Program, Police Activity Leagues, and numerous other police officer-led efforts to strengthen the ties with the community.

Immediately after the discovery that LAPD cadets from two divisional cadet posts had taken police equipment and vehicles, the department launched a high-level criminal investigation which resulted in the arrest of seven cadets. Chief Beck immediately ordered a “top to bottom review” of the cadet program which includes a thorough re-examination of the policies, practices, and procedures of its largest youth program.

Recent actions, as part of the ongoing review, include the immediate suspension of two cadet posts; physical inventories of all police vehicles and equipment; ensuring appropriate procedures and systems are in place to prevent the unauthorized use of police equipment; physical inspections of cadet work areas; command officer meetings with each cadet in the suspended programs; and a formal inspection by the Chief of Police of all cadets scheduled for tomorrow morning.

Since the initiation of the Cadet Program review, LAPD detectives learned that a police officer assigned to 77th Street Division was involved in serious criminal misconduct against a female cadet who was arrested last week. The Chief of Police personally arrested the officer who has been relieved of duty and is pending criminal charges.

LAPD welcomes the Public Safety Committee’s request to discuss the department’s ongoing review to ensure all its youth programs meet the high standards expected of LAPD. Although there is no indication of any widespread or systemic misconduct by cadets or officers, the department expects that its comprehensive review will yield recommendations to strengthen its programs and further enhance the positive experience of the young men and women who participate.

LAPD and the city of Los Angeles take great pride in the steadfast commitment of the officers who work so hard to help the youth become the leaders of the future. The wrongful acts of a few will not tarnish their hard work nor the achievement of so many young men and women who have participated with honor and distinction.

The Chief of Police and the entire LAPD work force are committed to ensure that every participant in a department program has a positive, enriching experience in a safe and secure environment.