Rampart Area Investigates Consumer Fraud and Theft by False Pretenses

December 31, 1998

Thursday, December 31, 1998

Rampart Auto Detectives are investigating cases, which involve possible consumer fraud and theft by false pretenses.

It has come to the attention of Rampart and other Divisions in the City of Los Angeles that an individual known as Louis Tamale A.K.A. Louis Michael Moran, Louis Michael Tamale, Louis Moran, D.O.B. 12-01-42, has represented himself as an attorney.

Our investigation has revealed Mr. Tamale is currently and in the past purported to be an attorney and the Director of Legal Services under the auspices of Attorney at Law Peter T. Brown with the business name of “Tus Protectores” located at 2007 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 803, Los Angeles.

Detectives have contacted Mr. Peter T. Brown and discovered Mr. Tamale is a law school graduate and has done some part-time clerical work for him but is not and has never been an employee of his office.

Mr. Brown has directed Mr. Tamale to cease and desist from any further activity under the auspices of his office. Mr. Tamale is not and has never been an attorney licensed to practice Law in the State of California.

Mr. Tamale is known to offer his legal services to the Hispanic Community for a fee in cases where an attorney is not needed such as: vehicle impounds and in other legal matters he is unauthorized to handle.

Rampart Detectives are requesting anyone who feels they have been a victim of fraud to contact Rampart Detectives at (213) 207-2035.

For Release 2:25 pm PST
December 31, 1998