Recruitment Campaign Unveiling

July 16, 2000

Sunday, July 16, 2000

"Recruitment Campaign Unveiling"

On Monday, July 17, 2000, at 12:00 PM, the Los Angeles Police Department will hold a press conference to kick off its new recruitment campaign. The press conference will be held in Room 618, Parker Center. Los Angeles Mayor, Richard Riordan, and Chief of Police, Bernard C. Parks, will present the new recruitment audio/video, which will be aired on radio and television stations throughout the greater Los Angeles area. Members of the City Council who have taken leadership roles in developing this forward-thinking plan will join Mayor Riordan and Chief Parks.

While not often highlighted, it is factual that better than 95% of an officer’s work shift is not chasing bad guys. Instead, officers assist the community in a wide range of humanitarian ways on a daily basis. It is this role of policing to which we are trying to attract new candidates.

This campaign is an attempt to show the community, and hopefully new viable candidates, why police officers have chosen this line of work as their career. We believe it is a moving and representative portrayal of why police officers do what they do.

This new recruitment tool was a collaborative effort, but could not have been accomplished without the assistance of Ron Rogers of Rogers and Associates and Hugh Duncan of Duncan & Associates, who gave freely of their time and expertise to make this a professional and hopefully successful endeavor.

For further information and/or a copy of this video, contact Sergeant Bill Frio, Recruitment Section, Equal Opportunity and Development Division, at 323-957-4529.

Audio Recruitment Public Service Announcement [Real Audio]
Video Recruitment Public Service Announcement 1 [Real Video]
Video Recruitment Public Service Announcement 2 [Real Video]
Video Recruitment Public Service Announcement 3 [Real Video]
Video Recruitment Public Service Announcement 4 [Real Video]

For Release 8:00 am PDT
July 16, 2000