Registered Bicycle Returned To Owner NR16263dm

August 29, 2016

Los Angeles: Detectives from
the Los Angeles Police Department’s West Los Angeles Division
completed an investigation resulting in a felony arrest.

On August 10, 2016, detectives arrested a suspect on felony weapons
charges. The suspect had a bicycle in his possession, which
officers believed to be stolen. In an attempt to identify the
rightful owner of the bicycle, officers searched “Bike Index.” Bike
Index is a free bicycle registration website where bicycle owners
enter descriptive information of their bicycle.

Officers were able to determine the bicycle had been recently
stolen. They contacted the bicycle’s owner, Daniil Sharou, who
verified the bicycle was stolen two days earlier on his birthday.
Sharou was overjoyed to be reunited with the bicycle he thought he
would never see again.

The LAPD strongly encourages bicycle owners to register their
bicycles on Bike Index, whether already stolen or not. To register
your bicycle, visit Bike Index is a free
resource and takes only minutes to register.
For further questions on
bicycle theft or registration please call LAPD’s West Los Angeles
Theft Detectives at (310) 444-1521. Daniil Sharou is available for