Request for Public’s Help in Identifying Attempt Kidnap Suspect

May 30, 2006

Los Angeles: The Los Angeles Police Department is asking for the public’s help in finding an attempt kidnap suspect.

On Monday, May 22, 2006, a student was walking north on Selby Avenue from Emerson Middle School, toward Ohio Avenue. He saw a Hispanic man exit the passenger side of a van that was parked along the curb.

When the victim walked past the van, the man grabbed his arm and pulled him toward the van. The victim managed to break free and run away. As the victim fled, he heard the suspect get into the van and yell "Go!Go!Go!." The van made a U-turn and drove southbound on Selby Ave.

The suspect is described as a 35 year-old Hispanic man with a shaved head, goatee and tattoo on the front of his neck, possibly of a dragon. He is 5 feet 6 inches tall and weighs about 150 pounds. He was in a black van with tinted windows.

Anyone who sees a person matching the above description is asked to not approach the suspect and call 911 immediately. All other suspicious activities should be directed to West Los Angeles Community Police station at 310-575-8441, or Detective Macias at 310-444-1589, or 310-444-1520. On weekends and during off-hours, call the 24-our toll free number at 1-877-LAWFULL (1-877-529-3855).