Response to City Council Vote Regarding Public Safety NR20261jr

October 15, 2020

The Los Angeles Police Department fully supports the City Council’s actions today to establish responsible alternatives to respond to nonviolent calls that currently fall to the Department to handle. For far too long the men and women of the Department have been asked to respond to calls from our community that would be more effectively addressed by others.

Consistent with our Core Value of “Quality Through Continuous Improvement,” we look forward to the establishment of trained professionals, whether new city employees or community organizations, available both day and night to handle these non-emergency calls that our community expect. We remain committed to public safety and in response to the recent budget cuts and staffing reduction have begun the process to shift our operations away from less-essential activities. The alternative services envisioned by our elected leaders will ensure the public continues to have appropriate professionals available to maintain safe and healthy communities for generations to come.