Response to Use of Force Investigations NR20128jr

June 10, 2020

Los Angeles: The Los Angeles Police Department continues to investigate allegations of misconduct, violations of Department policy, and excessive force during the recent civil unrest. The Department has assigned 40 investigators to this effort and we will look into every complaint thoroughly and hold every officer accountable for their actions. So far, there are a total of 56 complaint investigations, with 28 involving alleged uses of force. Seven employees have been assigned to non-field duties.

Any person who believes they were wrongfully accused of a crime, unjustly injured, or experienced misconduct on the part of an officer can make a complaint with the Department’s Internal Affairs Group hotline at 1-800-339-6868.

For complaints specifically related to the protests you can email Individuals can also make a complaint through the Office of the Inspector General at 213 893 6400 Or if email is preferred.