Robbery Suspect Shot and Killed NR09322kr

July 8, 2009

Los Angeles:  Two robbery suspects were attempting to rob a couple late Monday night when a Los Angeles Police Officer intervened, resulting in an officer involved shooting that caused the death of one of the suspects.

On July 6, 2009, at around 11:15 p.m. Officer Kenneth Collard, 13 years 9 months with the Department, was driving a plain police car, in full uniform, working a Burglary from Motor Vehicle and Grand Theft Auto Detail.  Officer Collard had just listened to a radio broadcast of a Robbery and Attempt Carjacking that described two suspects believed to be armed with a gun.

As Officer Collard was driving east in the 11300 block of Iowa Avenue, he saw two men matching the description of the robbery/attempt carjack suspects, and one of them was fighting with another man, as a woman stood nearby.  The man and woman were later determined to be victim’s of an attempt robbery.  Officer Collard stopped and got out of his car and identified himself as a Los Angeles Police Officer.

One of the suspects later identified as Matthew Ryan Ingels, a 23 year old White man from Tarzana, immediately ran from the location.  The other suspect, Pedro Fernandez, a 24 year-old Hispanic man from Tarzana, who had been fighting with the other man when Officer Collard drove up, advanced towards the Officer with an object in his hand, at which time an officer involved shooting occurred.  

Fernandez was hit and subsequently died at scene.  

Ingels was taken into custody after a K-9 Search of the surrounding area. He is being held on a variety of charges, including Murder, Robbery, Attempt Robbery, and Carjacking. His bail is set at $1 million dollars.  

Ingels and Fernandez were identified as the suspects involved in the original crime broadcast Officer Collard heard.  They are also believed to be involved in at least one other robbery/carjack incident.

Force Investigation Division is investigating the officer involved shooting.  West Los Angeles Detectives are investigating the robberies.