Robbery Suspects Shot By FBI Agent

March 7, 2001

Playa Del Rey – On Tuesday, March 6, 2001, at approximately 7:40 p.m., Pacific Area patrol officers responded to a shots fired call in the vicinity of 8650 Gulana Avenue. Upon arrival, officers made contact with a FBI Agent.
The agent stated that he parked his FBI vehicle, retrieved several articles from the vehicle, including an MP5 rifle in a gun case, and was walking toward his residence. The agent was confronted by two suspects, subsequently identified as Johnny Hernandez, 18 years of age and Robert Malone, 19 years of age. Malone pointed a handgun at the agent and demanded his wallet. The agent complied. The suspects inquired as to the contents of the gun case as they simultaneously frisked him. When the suspects put their hands on the agent’s concealed handgun and badge, the agent drew his weapon and fired at both suspects. Hernandez fell to the ground and Malone ran southbound on Gulana Avenue.
The agent chased Malone, identified himself as a police officer and ordered him to stop. Malone failed to comply and continued running. When Malone began to turn toward the agent, believing Malone was about to shoot at him, the agent fired at him. Malone fell, then rose and continued running out of sight. Responding officers took Hernandez into custody, set up a perimeter and located Malone at the intersection of Gulana Avenue and 91st Street, where he had collapsed.
Both suspects had been wounded and were transported to UCLA Medical Center by the Los Angeles Fire Department’s paramedics. The suspects did not shoot at the agent and he was not injured. The suspects’ handgun was recovered at the scene.
Robbery-Homicide Division and the FBI are investigating this incident.

This press release was prepared by Public Information Officer Jason Lee, Media Relations Section, 213-485-3586.