Robert Blake Arrested For Murder Of Bonny Lee Bakley

April 18, 2002

At 5:30 this afternoon, detectives with the Los Angeles Police Department’s Robbery Homicide Division, arrested actor Robert Blake for the murder of his wife, 44-year old Bonny Lee Bakley.
On May 4, 2001, Bakley was found in the 11400 block of Woodbridge Street in North Hollywood, slumped in the front seat of her husband’s car. She had been shot.
Detectives will present the case against Blake to the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office on Monday. It is anticipated that Blake will face one count of murder with special circumstances, use of a firearm, and two counts of solicitation for murder.
Detectives have also arrested 46-year old Earle Caldwell, for conspiracy to commit the murder of Ms. Bakley.
During the nearly year long investigation, detectives carefully examined over 900 items of evidence linked to both Blake and Bakely, including letters, records, photographs and other physical evidence. Detectives also interviewed more than 150 people. The investigation took detectives all over the United States, including several trips to the northeast and southeast. In all, detectives spent time in some 20 states. No other case in the Departments history has required such extensive travel.
The detectives also followed up more than 150 clues, provided by citizens. All other possible suspects were investigated and have been eliminated. Working closely with the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office, detectives conducted an intense and painstaking investigation into this case, pursuing many leads and reviewing thousands of pages of documents.
The LAPD’s investigation has developed compelling and conclusive evidence that Robert Blake killed Bonny Lee Bakley.
Earle Caldwell is a resident of the city of Burbank. He met Robert Blake approximately five years ago. Caldwell was employed at a car stereo and alarm shop where he worked on Blake’s vehicle. Approximately two years ago Blake hired Caldwell as a full-time handyman to maintain properties Blake owns. Caldwell was also a part-time bodyguard for Bonny Lee Bakley.
This press release was prepared by Sergeant John Pasquariello, Acting Officer In Charge, LAPD Media Relations Section, 213-485-3586.