Rottweiler Attacks Officers

December 1, 2006

Los Angeles: A rottweiler charged three police officers last Monday, November 27, 2006, when the officers entered a yard, conducting a burglary investigation.

It was just after 1:00 P.M. when three officers from the Foothill Police Station answered a complaint of a "Burglar There Now," called in by a neighbor in the 8700 block of Rosyndale Avenue in Arleta.

Two officers cautiously walked into the yard through the garage in the back of the property, while a third officer came in a gate from the front. A large rottweiler charged the first two officers without any warning. Police Officer Jon Healy, 35, and his partner, Jeremy Martin, 24, fired at the dog, which retreated down the side of the house. The animal charged the third officer, Thomas Conrad, 37, who also fired.

The dog died from its injuries. Healy and Martin sustained minor injuries, possibly from fragments of the rounds fired during the incident. Officer Healy has over 10 years with LAPD. Officer Conrad has over 7 years, and Officer Martin has just over one year with the Department.

Force Investigation Division is assigned to investigate the shooting. No evidence of any burglary was found at the residence.