Saddle Ridge Re-population Information NR19277lpk

October 12, 2019

Porter Ranch: This is the
unified message that went out related to the repopulation currently
in place:
We understand community members being allowed back to their homes
and businesses is a priority, and are working to allow for safe
re-population as soon as possible. At this time we are able to
safely repopulate the following areas:

The areas west of Mason Avenue and southwest of Corbin Avenue. In
addition, there are smaller areas to the east which are also
being repopulated, which can be found clicking here.

Please refer to the color coded map, which shows the repopulated
areas in green and the active mandatory evacuation areas in red.

Law enforcement officers will remain in the affected areas as
a means of roving security and to address any questions residents
may have.

As always, we ask you to remain vigilant and report any
emergencies to 911.