Safe School Planning Program

August 31, 1998

Wednesday, September 2,1998, at 1:30 P.M.

The Los Angeles Police Academy lounge, 1880 N. Academy Dr., Los Angeles, Ca. ( Map pg. 594, G-6 )

The Los Angeles Police Department ( LAPD ) in conjunction with the Los Angeles Unified School District ( LAUSD ), and Los Angeles Fire Department ( LAFD ) will be offering the Safe School Planning Program.

The program is aimed at providing students with a safer environment on campus and while in transit to and from school. Both the State Law and moral imperative demand that government and the community provides safe school conditions under which children can focus on their educational curriculum.

Criminal activity around school campuses is a serious problem, the time has come for the law enforcement and the community to take a proactive approach in helping to provide a safe environment for our children. Our students must be able to pursue their education in peace and safety. To this end, the LAPD, LAUSD, and the LAFD are totally committed.

Police Commission President Edith Perez and the Chief of Police Bernard C. Parks will represent the LAPD at this meeting. Superintendent Ruben Zacarias and Chief of Police Wesley Mitchell will be representing the LAUSD and Chief Engineer William Bamattre will represent the LAFD. Additionally, Mayor Richard Riordan, Los Angeles Council member Laura Chick, and Sheriff Sherman Block have been invited to attend.

For further information contact Det. Steve Carey, Juvenile Division, 213-485-2803.

Prepared by Ofc. Shelley Savage, LAPD Media Relations Sections, 213-485-3586.

For Release 1:00 pm PST
August 31, 1998