Safety on the MTA System – NR23171mp

June 26, 2023

Los Angeles: The LAPD recognizes that a safe and functional public transportation system is vital to the daily lives of so many of our Los Angeles residents and visitors. For the past six years the LAPD has worked closely with the entire Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) team and our law enforcement partners including Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department and the Long Beach Police Department in an effort to achieve the MTA’s vision of a safe and clean public transit system. The LAPD has utilized highly visible patrols to reduce the fear and incidence of crime in the system and on surrounding MTA properties.

The Department has engaged in ongoing innovative efforts alongside mental health professionals and other service providers to facilitate support and assistance for the many vulnerable populations who seek shelter within the MTA system. Reflecting on these many years of dedicated service, Chief of Police Michel Moore recently stated, “I am proud of the progress our officers have made in partnership with the MTA and our many stakeholders. I look forward to our continued relationship as we work to achieve the MTA’s goals of a safe, clean, and efficient public transportation system that is welcoming for all.”

The safety of this vast and growing system requires a collaborative effort between the MTA, law enforcement, and our many service provider partners. The Department remains dedicated to the safety and welfare of all MTA passengers and employees. The goal of the LAPD is to deter criminal activity, maintain order, and enhance the safety and security on the system, while simultaneously addressing complex and challenging social issues by providing support and services to those in need within the transit environment.