Security Guard Arrested for Murder

May 11, 2000

Wednesday, May 10, 2000

"Security Guard Arrested for Murder"

Korea Town – On Wednesday, May 10, 2000, 12:34 a.m., a shooting occurred in the 600 block of South Western Avenue. The victim, an unidentified Hispanic male was shot in the abdomen area by a female security guard working in the area. The victim was shot an unknown number of times. LAFD Paramedics transported the victim to a local hospital where he died of his wounds.

The investigation revealed the victim and the security guard were involved in a verbal dispute prior to the shooting. The motive for the shooting is unknown and the investigation is on going. The suspect’s weapon was confiscated and booked as evidence. The security guard was taken into custody and booked for murder.

Wilshire Area Homicide detectives are conducting the investigation. For further information contact Detectives Kelly Cooper or Jose Chavez at

For Release 10:00 am PDT
May 11, 2000