Seven Victims Injured During Shooting at Grand Avenue Restaurant Club

January 20, 1999

Wednesday, January 20, 1999
Central Area Homicide Detectives are investigating a shooting which resulted in seven injured persons.

On January 18, 1999, there was a celebration dance at the Grand Avenue Restaurant Club located at 1024 S. Grand Ave. It was estimated that there were approximately 600 to 700 people inside the location. During the dance, there were several disturbances which broke out between some of the people in attendance. Some of the disturbances escalated into physical altercations and eventually one of the patrons was escorted out of the location without incident. At this time, there is no information to link any of the disturbances to the crime that followed.

After the dance, at approximately 1:30 a.m., the patrons of the establishment exited and the majority of them entered the parking lot which is adjacent (north) of the club. It is estimated that there were approximately 200 people in the parking lot, all attempting to drive off in their respective vehicles. At this point, a male Black had apparently positioned himself at the northwest corner of a building at 1035 S. Olive Street. The name of that business was C.I. Printing. For no apparent reason the male suspect opened fire with a semi-automatic weapon, firing over a dozen rounds into the crowd. Seven different individuals were shot. The most serious of the wounded, at the time, was a 20 year old female Black who is believed to be pregnant and a 23-year-old male Black who was shot in the head. Both of those victims were transported to a local hospital where they were admitted. The other five victims were shot in various parts of their bodies and four of them were transported to local hospitals where they were treated and released. One was treated at the scene.

During the shooting sequence, two on duty LAPD officers, in a marked police vehicle, observed the individual whom they believed is the suspect. The officers, unfortunately were at some distance. They did however manage to see the suspect run southbound on Olive Street and then enter a late model vehicle that was parked at the curb. The vehicle left the location at a very high rate of speed and then it turned westbound on 11th Street. The officers were unable to pursue the suspect’s vehicle. As the vehicle proceeded on 11th Street, two other on duty LAPD Officers observed the vehicle pass them at a very high rate of speed. Those officers went into pursuit of the vehicle, but because of the dangerously high speed, the officers terminated the pursuit. The only description of the vehicle at this time is that it was a late model and dark in color.

At this time, the motive for the crime has not yet been established, and the fact that it might be gang related has not yet been ruled out.

The identity of the suspect in this case, and the driver of the vehicle has not yet been established, and they are still outstanding.

The identities of the victims in this case have not been released because all of the relatives have not yet been notified and because of requests by the victims themselves.

The age, decent and injuries of the victims are as follows:

Victim #1 – 24 year old male Black. He was shot in the head and is hospitalized in critical condition.
Victim #2 – 20 year old female Black. She was shot in the leg and was hospitalized. She is seven months pregnant.
Victim #3 – 29 year old male Black. He was shot in the upper right arm. He was treated at a local hospital and released.
Victim #4 – a male Hispanic. He was shot in the right thigh. He was treated at a local hospital and released.
Victim #5 – 19 year old male Black. He was shot in the left foot. He was treated at a local hospital and released.
Victim #6 – 40 year old male Black. He was shot in the right arm. He was treated at a local hospital and released.
Victim #7 – 41 year old male Black. He was an off duty Compton Unified School District Police Officer working in the capacity of a security guard. At the time of the shooting incident, he was in the parking lot and was shot in the chest. The victim was wearing protective body armor at the time and the round struck the victim in the center of the body armor. He was treated at the scene by a rescue ambulance and released.

Prior to the arrival of the detectives, many of the individuals at the crime scene left without being interviewed. There is no further information at this time.

Detectives are requesting anyone with information on the suspect, contact Central Area Homicide at (213) 485-6593.

For Release 11:20 am PST
January 20, 1999