Seventy-Seventh Use of Force Incident

July 1, 2004

"77th Use of Force Incident"
Los Angeles: On June 19, 2004, at approximately 9:00 p.m., members of the 77th Division’s "Operations Sanctuary" Gang Suppression Unit, Officer Jaime Luna and Officer Erik Shear, were driving by 6329 10th Avenue, when they noticed people loitering on the sidewalk drinking in public.
As Officer’s began an investigation, a suspect, later identified as Jabbar Thomas dropped his drink, grabbed hold of his waistband and ran into the courtyard of the apartment building. Officer’s followed and observed a party with approximately 80 to 100 guests in the apartment courtyard. The Officer’s were confronted by a second suspect, identified as William Bryson, who began to challenge them and make threats. As the officers were attempting to take Bryson into custody a third suspect, later identified as Curtis Gibson, threw a bottle at Officer Luna, causing a laceration on his head. The Officer’s requested assistance and while taking Gibson into custody, a Use of Force incident occurred during which Gibson attempted to remove Officer Gontram’s gun.

Arrest and Use of Force Information

William Bryson was arrested for 148 PC-Resisting a Peace Officer and two counts of 148(A) 1 PC- Resisting a Peace Officer, were filed on him. He was peppered sprayed during the incident and that Use of Force is being handled as non-categorical. There were two officers involved in that Use of Force;
Curtis Gibson was arrested for 664/187 PC-Attempt Murder on a Police Officer. The District Attorney filed: 1 count of 245(C)-Assault with a Deadly Weapon on a Police Officer, 245(D) 1-Assault with a Deadly Weapon on a Police Officer with a Firearm, 2 counts of 69 PC-Resisting, and 148(D)-Attempting to Remove or Take a Firearm. Gibson’s Use of Force is being handled as categorical. There were a total of 5 Officers involved in that Use of Force;
Jabbar Thomas was arrested for probation violation and there is No Bail;
The incident began at 9:07 p.m. and ended at 9:35 p.m. There were a total of 7 officers involved in the Use of Force;
Officer Jaime Luna, sustained a laceration to the head was off for two days as a result of those injuries, he is presently back at work in the field;
Officer Drew Gontram was also injured and was off two days as a result of those injuries, he is presently back at work and in the field, and
The remaining five officers are still assigned to patrol duties.
The following is a list of all officers involved:

Name Serial No. Gender Ethnicity Age Years on Department

James Luna 34651 M Hispanic 29 4
Erik Shear 37127 M Hispanic 31 6
Alfred Corso 31160 M Hispanic 34 9
Drew Gontram 37127 M Caucasian 34 8 months
Elena Barba 33969 F Hispanic 34 7
Christian Wecker 34201 M Caucasian 33 6
Hal Jones 32861 M Black 32 8
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