Shoulder-Tap Sting Operation in Harbor Division Yields 7 Arrests

February 3, 2002

"Shoulder-Tap Sting Operation in Harbor Division Yields 7 Arrests"
Los Angeles: On February 2, 2002, the Harbor Area Vice Unit conducted a Decoy Shoulder Tap operation in San Pedro area of Harbor Division.
Over the past months the Harbor Vice Unit had observed an increase in the number of minors attempting to purchase alcoholic beverages from Alcohol Beverage Control (ABC) retailers in the San Pedro area. The Shoulder Tap operation was utilized to combat this increase and to discourage the sales of alcohol to minors. During this operation, a minor decoy was utilized to stand in front of pre-selected ABC establishments and solicit patrons to purchase alcohol for him.
From the fourteen individuals who were approached, seven arrests were made for violation of Section 25658 (a) of the Business and Professions Code, Furnishing Alcohol to Minors. Each defendant will be fined approximately $1,000.00 along with court fees.
Harbor Operations Support Division will continue to monitor incidents of minors in possession of alcoholic beverages and will conduct sting operations as needed.
This press release was prepared by Public Information Officer Eduardo Funes, Media Relations Section, 213-485-3586.