Sobriety/Driver License Checkpoint Notification

August 31, 2004


Los Angeles: On September 3, 2004, the Los Angeles Police Department’s West Traffic Division will be conducting a sobriety/driver license checkpoint on Sunset Boulevard at Hayworth Avenue in Hollywood Area. The checkpoint will be operational between the hours of 8:00 p.m. and 2:00 a.m.
The purpose of the sobriety/driver license checkpoint is to reduce the number of traffic collisions involving intoxicated and unlicensed drivers through enforcement and public awareness. Officers and Reserve Officers from West Traffic and Hollywood Areas will staff the checkpoint. The California Office of Traffic Safety, in their efforts to support the apprehension of drunk drivers, has provided the funds to conduct this operation in part of their ‘You Drink You Drive You Lose’ campaign.
For further information contact Sergeant Christopher Kunz, West Traffic Division, Driving Under the Influence Team, at 213-473-0222.
This news advisory was prepared by Los Angeles Police Department’s Media Relations Section, at 213-485-3586.