Spectacular Planning and Team Work Save a Life

October 15, 2001

Los Angeles: On October 13, 2001, at approximately 6:00 p.m., Rampart Community Police Station patrol officers responded to an "Attempt Suicide" radio call at 1930 Wilshire Boulevard. The building is located at the corner of Wilshire and Westlake Boulevards. Security officers for the building called and stated there was a man (later identified as 28 year-old Agusto Santos) on the 14th floor of the building, threatening to jump off the roof.
Rampart Area Police Officers John Izzo and Todd Turner responded to the scene of the call. The officers, along with Los Angeles City Fire Department personnel, devised a plan to distract and seize Mr. Santos from the ledge of the building. As bags were inflated below to catch Mr. Santos should he jump, Officers Izzo and Turner deployed on the roof of the building so as to be within a reasonable distance of Mr. Santos. As the bags inflated, Mr. Santos became increasingly agitated, threatening to jump. Just as Mr. Santos was about to jump, Officers Izzo and Turner grabbed Mr. Santos by the arms as Mr. Santos hung mid air. Fire Department personnel quickly placed a rope around Mr. Santos, pulling him to safety.
Visitors from the City of Camarillo were visiting the area at the time and caught this spectacular feat on home video. A copy of the video is available at the Department’s Media Relations Section, for members of the media.
Due to outstanding teamwork, quick thinking, planning and execution of a recovery plan, a tragedy was averted. Mr. Santos was taken to USC Medical Center where he is receiving medical attention.
Congratulations to Rampart Officers John Izzo and Todd Turner, along with cooperating members of the Los Angeles Fire Department for a job well done!
This press release was prepared by Police Officer Guillermo Campos, Media Relations Section, 213-485-3586.