Staples Center Media Parking Instructions for Thursday’s Lakers Game NA10148ne

June 17, 2010

News media (especially those without vehicle mounted microwave equipment) should be prepared for very limited parking.  News media crews are encouraged to secure legal parking in a pay parking structure.  The best way to do this is to arrive early.
There will be absolutely no parking on Chick Hearn Court between Figueroa Street and Georgia Street.

There will also be no parking on Figueroa Street between Olympic Boulevard and 12th Street.

No media trucks, vans or any type of vehicles will be allowed to park on the sidewalks.

**In the event of a civil disturbance, the LAPD will move crowds in a westerly direction on Chick Hearn Court.  So, prior to Game 7 of the NBA Championship Series, media vehicles will be allowed to park on Chick Hearn Court west of Georgia Street on the south side only.

Once Game 7 starts, all media vehicles will be required to move; microwave trucks only may relocate to Lot No. 7 located at 11th Street and Figueroa Street.  No media vehicles will be allowed to remain on Chick Hearn Court.  Media vehicles remaining on Chick Hearn Court at the end of the first quarter of regulation play, WILL BE TOWED.  

In the event of an unlawful assembly declaration, the media staging area will be Lot No. 7 at 11th Street and Figueroa Street.