Statement From The LAPD Regarding An Arrest In The Hollywood Area NR24025jc/hg

January 21, 2024

January 24, 2024 NR24025cm


The LAPD is aware of concerns raised by community members regarding the conduct of officers involved in this incident. Internal Affairs is investigating the various allegations made.



The Los Angeles Police Department is aware of a video circulating depicting an altercation between two individuals near a Church of Scientology building. Both parties were transported to Hollywood Station for further investigation. In addition to interviewing the parties involved, Detectives reviewed a significant amount of video evidence. After much consideration, only one individual was arrested for battery. The individual arrested has no known association with the Church of Scientology.

That individual is:

Patrick Perry
52 years of age
Booking No 6745362
243(a) PC Battery $20,000 bail
Date/time/location of arrest: 1/19/2024 4pm at Hollywood and Highland

Perry was released on his Own Recognizance (OR).

The other party was interviewed and released.

The Los Angeles Police Department is also aware of an increasing number of activists in and around the Church of Scientology in the Hollywood area. The Los Angeles Police Department
is committed to protecting those exercising religious freedom as well as those exercising their First Amendment rights.

Amidst the controversy and ongoing investigations into the interactions between these two groups, updates will be provided as more information on these matters becomes available.