Statement On Email Related To The “Care Plus” Clean-Up NR27176ti

June 28, 2023

Los Angeles: The Senior Lead Officer (SLO) email related to the “Care Plus” clean-up scheduled by the Los Angeles Sanitation Department for June 29, 2023, was highly inappropriate and does not in any way represent the Department’s values, policies or practices related to People Experiencing Homelessness (PEH). The clean-up itself has been postponed for the moment and the SLO who authored the email will be provided extensive training by the Department’s Homeless Coordinator’s Office.

Not unlike all areas struggling with PEH in the City, the Care Plus clean-up in and around the Shadow Ranch Park neighborhood, is led with outreach, services and assistance. It relies on our Council District offices and civilian partners such as LAHSA, Sanitation and outreach groups as the primary point of contact with PEH. Our presence, if at all, is to provide for the safety of all involved.

Topanga Area recognizes that the issues contributing to a community member’s homelessness is often complex and have occurred over the course of many years. The solution to the problems associated with PEH may require multiple attempts to provide services over the course of time. When enforcement becomes necessary it is in response to a criminal action. Enforcement will not be used as a means of creating a quick fix to a complicated situation, nor will it be based solely on the person’s homeless status.

Captain Francis Boateng, Commanding Officer, Topanga Area will host a community meeting at Shadow Ranch Park on July 11, 2023, at 6 P.M., to reiterate the Department stance of outreach, collaboration, Community Safety and assistance when dealing with PEH.