Statement Regarding Claims That LAPD Officers Drew Their Weapons On A Father And His New Baby NR21185ti

July 18, 2021

Los Angeles: "On July 12, 2021, the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) became aware of a social media post by California State Senator Sydney Kamlager alleging that LAPD Officers drew their guns on a father and his new baby. The LAPD immediately reviewed the facts and circumstances of this incident, which also included the review of the Officers’ Body Worn videos.

It was revealed that on June 27, 2021 LAPD officers responded to the 800 Block of West Adams Blvd, Regal Trojan Student Housing, at the University of Southern California after a radio call was created to meet with a social worker from the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS).

The officers were asked by DCFS to respond to conduct a welfare check on a baby after the mother recently gave birth and left the hospital with the child against medical advice. After the officers met with the social worker at the location, they escorted the social worker to an apartment. A male adult inside the home refused to open the door and let them check on the welfare of the baby after being repeatedly asked to do so by the social worker, officers, and an LAPD supervisor at the scene.

As the officers entered the apartment, they were concerned for their safety as they cleared the apartment for any threats and made sure the male inside was not armed. The male adult was briefly detained but none of the occupants were arrested. The baby and mother were not in the same room as the male adult and no weapons were ever pointed at the mother and child.

No crime report has been completed for this incident. The LAPD has initiated a personnel complaint to address the allegations raised by the social media post. An LAPD Staff level command officer has reached out to Senator Kamlager to provide details of this incident. The LAPD strives to treat all persons with dignity and respect and we will continue our commitment to transparency while ensuring the safety of our officers in turbulent and dangerous situations."