Statement Regarding Recent Demonstrations NR20109ti

May 31, 2020

Last night was the second evening of demonstrations primarily in the downtown civic center, with more anticipated demonstrations, the Los Angeles Police Department remains committed to protecting the First Amendment rights of all of our communities. We understand, acknowledge, and welcome that Angelenos must be able to voice their concerns over systemic injustices. While the vast majority of individuals in Los Angeles have expressed those views in a peaceful manner, we have witnessed an increasing level of violence and property damage committed by small number of detractors.

The violence involved dangerous projectiles directed at our people as well as some property damage to businesses in the area. While isolated, if left unchallenged we face the potential of those actions expanding and hurting innocent individuals. This Department will continue to facilitate spontaneous and planned protests. However, dangerous behavior will not be allowed, and the LAPD will take enforcement action on anyone who endanger fellow peaceful protestors, police officers, and the general public.

Chief Moore stated, “We stand with our communities and rebuke any instance of police brutality as well as acts of violence or property damage.”