Statement Regarding Use of Confidential Informants During Major Protests NR19199dm

July 23, 2019

In response to the concerns identified in media reports regarding a confidential informant’s role in a 2017 criminal investigation of individuals involved in major protests, Chief Michel Moore has ordered a top-to-bottom review to determine whether the Department’s stringent requirements for the use of confidential informants were followed.

The Department has been in close contact with the civilian Board of Police Commissioners and its independent Inspector General regarding the concerns and will begin a thorough review of the case and existing processes to ensure that the public’s trust is not compromised using certain investigative techniques. Chief Moore has directed the LAPD’s Office of Constitutional Policing and Policy to oversee the review and ensure that all legal, policy, and community issues have been properly examined and addressed.

The LAPD is steadfastly committed to constitutional policing and building the public’s trust to effectively reduce crime and protect the community. We will take all necessary and appropriate steps to investigate any potential concerns raised.