Statement Related to Echo Park – NR21089ss

March 29, 2021


The person arrested last night at Echo Park was 26-year old Nicole Partori. After a dispersal order was given and after the allotted time had expired, officers began to move forward and move the crowd back. Pastori refused to obey orders, flashed a flashlight in the officer’s eyes and was arrested for 409 PC, failing to disperse. She was cited and released.

Los Angeles: Last night the Los Angeles Police Department deployed its resources in support of our Recreation and Parks partners who began a shutdown of Echo Park Lake for much needed safety maintenance. Due to a high level of social media traffic requesting resistance to any City activity in Echo Park, a public safety parameter was established to allow our city partners to complete a fence around the park.

Though there were verbal confrontations from protestors, it remained a largely peaceful protest. After expressing their 1st amendment rights, all protesters voluntarily left the area. LAPD only made one arrest for failing to comply with orders from a police officer and two minor use of forces have been reported as of this morning. No reports were made to the Department of injuries to demonstrators, members of the public, and there were no officers injured.

Despite social media reports of officers deploying “tear gas” at the demonstration NO chemical agent was deployed by the LAPD. Several incendiary devices were utilized by demonstrators causing the smoke that has been seen in videos.

The Los Angeles Police Department wants to thank the community for their patience last night. The Department continues to be committed to supporting our social service partners and elected officials in being the lead in providing shelter and services for those persons experiencing homelessness. Echo Park remains closed to the public and the final remaining persons experiencing homelessness will be allowed to remain in the park for 24-hours as outreach efforts continue to transition them into shelter.