Street Closures Announced For Academy Awards Cars Parked Illegally Will Be Towed

February 19, 2008

Los Angeles: Street closures and restricted parking to facilitate the production needs of the 80th annual Academy Awards, as well as security strategies and public safety, have been finalized by the City of Los Angeles.
Numerous agencies, including the Los Angeles Department of Transportation, Caltrans and the Los Angeles Police and Fire Departments were consulted in the planning process and agree that the finalized plan is the best way to accommodate all of the parties involved.

The City of Los Angeles, Department of Transportation will begin to strictly enforce the restricted no-parking policy for the Academy Awards on the dates and times listed below. This will include the citing and impounding of vehicles parked on these temporary restricted no-parking streets. Vehicles parked on the following streets will be towed to the Official Police Garage, Hollywood Tow located at 1015 N. Mansfield Ave. in Hollywood at the request of the City of Los Angeles, Department of Transportation. Motorists are advised to call LADOT at
1-866-TOWAWAY or Hollywood Tow 323-466-8583 to redeem their vehicles.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Tow-Away No Stopping Anytime Sunday Only – 8:00 am to Midnight
1. Franklin Avenue between La Brea Ave. and Cahuenga Blvd. – Bothsides
2. Hollywood Blvd. between Cahuenga and Vine – Northside
3. Hollywood Blvd. between Highland & Cahuenga – Bothsides
4. Hollywood Blvd. between Highland & La Brea- Bothsides
5. Highland Ave. between Franklin and Sunset – Bothsides
6. Hawthorn Ave. between La Brea and Highland – Bothsides
7. Orange Drive between Hollywood & Sunset – Bothsides
8. Sunset Blvd. between Detroit & Vine – Bothsides
9. Cole Ave. between Fountain Ave. & Cahuenga Blvd. – Bothsides
10. Wilcox Ave. between Sunset & Franklin – Bothsides
11. McCadden Pl. between Yucca St. Hollywood Blvd.– Bothsides
12. Yucca St. between Highland & Las Palmas – Bothsides
13. Highland Ave. between Sunset & Santa Monica – Eastside
14. Outpost Dr. between Franklin Ave. & La Presa Drive
15. Outpost Circle between Outpost Dr. & Hillside Avenue

Tow-Away No Stopping Anytime, Sunday Only – 11am to 6:00pm

16. Santa Monica Blvd. between Highland & McCadden – North side
17. Santa Monica between Highland & Mansfield – South side
18. Highland Ave. between Santa Monica & Sunset – East side
19. Highland Ave. between Sunset & DeLongpre – East side
20. Cahuenga Blvd. between Sunset & Hollywood – Both sides
21. Cahuenga Blvd. between Hollywood & 101 FWY – West side
22. Vine St. between 101 SB FWY & Sunset – West side
23. Vine St. between Homewood & Fountain – West side
24. Vine St. between Lexington & Santa Monica – West side
25. Fountain Ave. between Vine & Highland – North side
26. La Brea Ave. between Lexington & Santa Monica – Both sides
27. La Brea Ave. between Sunset & Franklin – Both sides

No Stopping 8am – Midnight

28. Outpost Dr. between Franklin Ave. & La Pressa Dr. – Both sides
29. Outpost Circle between Outpost Dr. & Hillside Ave. – Both sides
30. El Cerrito Pl. between Outpost Dr. & Hillside Ave. – Both sides

Additional streets will be closed on the day of the show, Sunday, February 24 including Highland Avenue from Sunset Boulevard to Franklin Avenue, and Hollywood Boulevard from Cahuenga Boulevard to La Brea Avenue. Also closed on the day of the show will be the southbound Highland Avenue off-ramp from the 101 Freeway.

Details of the closures and maps of affected areas are available from the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce and Thirteenth District City Council field offices and are posted on the Academy’s website,
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Area residents are urged to use public transit. For more information call Metro at 800-266-6883 or visit their web site at: