Suspect Arrested for Throwing Beer Bottle

April 21, 2008

Los Angeles: A suspect who ran from police was subdued and struck in the head by a police officer’s handgun on April 4, 2008.

At about 9:30 PM, Officer Darryl McGreggor and his partner were on routine patrol in the area of Florence and Vermont Avenues, when an unidentified man flagged them down and reported that two men had thrown beer bottles at him. The victim also told police that the suspects identified as Edgar Munoz, 18, and Cain Hernandez, 21, were nearby and pointed in the direction where the pair was standing.

The officers drove to the location where Munoz and Hernandez stood. When they exited their vehicle to investigate, both suspects took off on foot. The officers chased the suspects and lost sight of them. After a search of the area, the suspects were nowhere to be found and the officers continued to patrol the streets.

Moments later, the officers saw the same suspects walking on a sidewalk near Florence and Kansas Avenues. Again, the officers got out of their vehicle to investigate. As the officers approached the men, Munoz fled and Hernandez stayed at the scene and was subsequently arrested. Officer McGreggor chased Munoz. After a brief foot chase, McGreggor confronted Munoz with his firearm drawn. When Munoz bent down on his own volition, McGreggor ran into him to subdue him and simultaneously struck him on the head with his firearm.

Munoz complained of injuries and was treated at a jail dispensary. Investigators said neither officer involved was hurt.

Munoz was charged with resisting arrest and Hernandez was charged with unlawfully fighting in a public place.

Officer McGreggor has been with the Department for 18 years and 4 months.

LAPD’s Force Investigation Division is handling the investigation.