Suspect Fired at Officers

May 28, 2008

Los Angeles: Gang members who fired at Los Angeles police officers were taken into custody.

On May 24, 2008, at around 5:00 a.m., North Hollywood patrol officers spotted a possible stolen 2007 Nissan Altima with dealer paper license plates in the area of De Garmo Avenue and Arminta Street. The Altima was occupied by three suspects later identified as Alvaro Aguirre, 25, the driver, Edgar Aguilar, 25, the front passenger and Paulina Lopez, 27, the rear passenger.

The officers attempted to conduct an investigative stop when the suspects refused to stop. A pursuit was initiated and continued through surface streets for approximately ten minutes. During the pursuit, suspect Aguilar fired several rounds at the pursuing officers at three separate locations.

Pursuing officers returned fire as additional North Hollywood units responded. The suspects’ vehicle crashed into a curb at Clybourn Avenue and San Fernando Road and became disabled. Suspects Aguirre and Aguilar fled on foot, Lopez remained in the rear seat.

While the officers chased Aguirre and attempted to detain him, they were fired upon from behind. Officers returned fire and discovered Aguilar firing at them from behind a parked truck. Aguilar retreated to the corner of Lorne Street and Clybourn Avenue where another police unit was approaching. Aguilar then fired at the police car and the officers inside returned fire. Aguilar continued firing, but eventually dropped his gun and gave up.

All three suspects were then taken into custody without further incidents.

Aguilar’s 9 MM Browning pistol was recovered at scene.

Aguirre received a gunshot wound to the left knee. Aguirre and Aguilar are on parole and documented “Vineland Street” Gang Members.

Officers involved in the shooting are Dontae Phillips, 5 years 6 months, Doug Bowler, 14 years 6 months, Marc Soulema, 11 months, and Kristina Ramirez, 11 months with the Department.

No officers were injured.

Force Investigation Division personnel are conducting the Officer-Involved Shooting.