Suspect Fires Handgun at Officers, Leads them on Short Pursuit NR11271kr

June 23, 2011


The Pacific Area officer involved in the below officer involved shooting has been identified as Police Officer II Jorge Barrientos, who has been with the Department for 4 years and 8 months.

Los Angeles: Two Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) Officers were confronted and fired upon by a passenger in a car that then sped away, prompting an officer involved shooting and a short vehicle pursuit. On June 13, 2011, at around 12:30 p.m., Pacific Area Patrol Division officers were working a crime suppression detail in an unmarked car and in plain clothes.  While conducting an investigation, the officers drove into a gas station at the corner of Ramsgate Avenue and Manchester Boulevard. As they were stopped at the gas station, two suspects in a Ford Explorer drove up next to their car and asked the officers were they were from.  The suspects then drove away, with the officers following.   When they got to the intersection of Ramsgate Avenue and Interceptor Street (approximately a quarter mile away), the passenger in the suspect’s vehicle leaned out the window and pointed a handgun at the officers, firing numerous rounds.  In response to the imminent danger, the passenger officer leaned out his side window and returned fire. The suspects sped away with the officers following closely behind.  As the suspects reached 84th Place and Alverstone Avenue other responding marked black and white police cars were able to stop the suspect’s car, taking both suspects into custody without any further incident. Neither of the suspects or officers were injured in the exchange of gunfire. A loaded 9mm semiautomatic handgun was recovered from the scene. Force Investigation Division detectives responded and are investigating the officer-involved shooting.  Force Investigation Division Criminal Apprehension Team is investigating the crime committed against the officers. For further information please contact LAPD Media Relations Section at 213-486-5910.