Suspect Killed In Officer Involved Shooting

January 20, 2004

Los Angeles: On January 19, 2004, at about 7:00 p.m., Foothill Area Patrol Officers Ruben Jimenez, two years with the Department, and Paul Hong, three and a half years with the Department, were driving south on San Fernando Road near La Mesa Street. The officers observed a group of people on the sidewalk. Two women were attempting to help an elderly gentleman stand up on his feet. The officers stopped their vehicle to offer assistance. The officers approached, and observed one member of the group, a male White, later identified as Alexander Houston, 34 years of age, walk away. One of the women in the group advised the officers that Houston had just assaulted the elderly man.

The officers followed Houston, and ordered him to stop. Houston failed to comply, and walked into the driveway of a business, pulling down the gate behind him. The officers walked back to the victim and observed an injury on top of his head. The victim told the officers that Houston was a former employee, who suffered from mental problems. The officers requested an ambulance for the victim and returned to the location where Houston was last seen. Officers ordered Houston to come out. He complied, albeit belligerently and approached the officers, verbally threatened them and then reentered the gated area. The officers continued to persuade Houston to come out.

A few moments later, Houston reappeared in a rage and assumed a fighting stance. He began swinging his arms and challenging the officers to fight. Houston repeatedly ran in and out of the gate as officers attempted to calm him down. Houston attacked Officer Hong and he (Hong) fell to the pavement. Houston retreated to a driveway and reemerged, holding a metal bar, approximately 4 feet in length. Houston, charged Jimenez again. Officer Jimenez stepped backwards with his service pistol drawn, fired one round striking Houston in the lower front body.

The paramedics responded to the scene and transported Houston to Providence Holy Cross Hospital where he was medically treated for his gunshot wound.

This incident is being investigated by Robbery-Homicide Division and anyone with information is asked to call 213-485-2511. A 24-hour toll free number is available for the Detective Information Desk at 1-877-LAWFULL (1-877-529-3855).

This news release was prepared by Public Information Officer April Harding, Media Relations Section, at 213-485-3586.