Suspicious Circumstances Result In Homicide Arrest

November 10, 2000

Friday, November 10, 2000

"Suspicious Circumstances Result in Homicide Arrest"

Canoga Park – On Friday, November 10, 2000, at approximately 11:15 AM, Devonshire Area Patrol Officers responded to a citizen generated radio call at 8700 Desoto Avenue. The call was regarding a possible murder investigation. Upon their arrival at the apartment complex, the officers were advised regarding evidence of a homicide that was present in an unspecified apartment. The officers were advised by a person at the scene that the apartment is occupied by a male relative of theirs and a female associate of his. The person also indicated that the female associate had armed herself .

The officers deployed on the unit and found that the door was shut. The officers announced their presence several times and received no response from inside the apartment. The officers forced entry to the unit and located a female inside the apartment. The female appeared to have sustained self inflicted wounds of an unspecified nature. The female was detained for medical treatment and for investigation of murder. In order to ensure there were no other possible suspects or potential victims, the officers conducted a search of the apartment. During this brief cursory search, apparent human remains (no specific description at this time) were discovered. The officers immediately exited and secured the apartment at this time.

Devonshire Homicide Detectives responded to the location and assumed investigative responsibility. The detectives are currently processing a search warrant in order to further the investigation. The female suspect continues to receive medical treatment and will be booked for murder at a Los Angeles County facility that is infirmary equipped. The investigation relative to the apartment will resume pending the acquisition and service of a search warrant. The suspect is a female white, approximately 50 years of age. Her identity is unknown at this time and she will be booked as Jane Doe. The status of the male occupant of the apartment remains under investigation.

This press release was prepared by Officer Don Cox, Media Relations Section, 213-485-3586.

For Release 5:00 pm PST
November 10, 2000