Swimming Pool Safety Information

July 3, 2003

"Swimming Pool Safety Information"

Los Angeles: With the summer months upon us, the use of swimming pools, spas, and wading pools will increase and sadly so will the number of pool incidents and drowning accidents. Owning a swimming pool/spa is terrific; but they can be dangerous!
Parents and Guardians: Only you can prevent a drowning.

Watch your child closely at all times
Make sure doors leading to the pool area are closed and locked
Designate a child watcher, either your or someone else, when you attend a party or have friends or family visiting your residence.

Many communities have enacted safety regulations governing residential swimming pools – in ground and above ground. It is up to parents to comply with these regulations. Apart from these laws, parents who own pools can take their own precautions to reduce the chances of their youngsters accessing the family pool or spa without adult supervision.
The key to preventing these tragedies is to have layers of protection. This includes placing barriers around your pool to prevent access, using pool alarms, closely supervising your child, and being prepared in case of an emergency.
Owning a swimming pool, spa or whirlpool is a significant responsibility. Whether at a family swimming party, water park, lake, pond, river, ocean or out boating, you should be prepared with preventative measures. Do not become complacent when dealing with security around your pool area. Always keep an eye on children, whether in the house or outside. Supervision is essential when it involves water safety with children and adults!
For more information, or to obtain copies of crime prevention circulars or brochures, contact Crime Prevention Unit, at 213-485-3134.
This press release was prepared by Public Information officer Adriana N. Sanchez, Media Relations Section, 213-485-3586.