Terrorist Threats Made by Student at Trinity Lutheran School

September 22, 1999

Wednesday, September 22, 1999
The Los Angeles Police Department, West Valley Area, is investigating a Terrorist Threat, which occurred at Trinity Lutheran School located in Reseda. School administration received an anonymous letter indicating that a student at the school had discussed plans for killing and taking over the school. The letter also indicated that the student has access to firearms.

West Valley Area Juvenile Detectives conducted an immediate investigation. The implicated subject, a 14 year old male White, admitted making threatening statements toward other students that have made fun of him. He further indicated that the statements were meant as a joke.

Additional interviews of students disclosed that the subject made a recent statement that he was going to bomb two of the classrooms at the school and murder another student.

The subject was arrested for making a terrorist threat against the school and detained at Sylmar Juvenile Hall.

At this time there is insufficient evidence to show that any other students are involved in criminal activity.

Detectives went to the subject’s residence and received several rifles that had the firing mechanism removed from the subject’s father. The rifles were taken into police custody pending disposition of this investigation.

For Release 11:45 am PST
September 22, 1999