The Approval of City Budget NR23134lr

May 26, 2023

Los Angeles: The Los Angeles Police Department is grateful for the Mayor’s substantial investment in public safety with her signing this next year’s budget.  This record investment will improve the Department’s ability to enhance public safety, build further on deepening public trust while simultaneously dedicating a record level of support and resources for our unhoused.

“The stage has been set for the Department to achieve the critical need for a record level of hiring for our sworn and civilian professional workforce, improve employee retention, lower crime and enhance community policing, replace aging equipment, and modernize our technology,” said Chief Moore.



  • Nearly $1.3 billion for homelessness and housing, an unprecedented investment
  • $250 million for Inside Safe:
    • $110 million for motel rooms/temporary housing
    • $62 million for services (case management, moving people to permanent housing, food, support services)
    • $47 million for buying hotels and motels
    • $31 million for permanent housing – includes transition and set up of permanent housing, 12 months of rental assistance
  • Office of Housing & Homelessness Solutions – Budget Includes 13 outreach teams within the Mayor’s Administration
  • Street Medicine Teams – $4 million to fund four medical teams serving 5,600 people. Half of this funding is provided by a Homeless Housing Assistance and Prevention Grant


  • LAPD
    • Nets to 9,504 LAPD Officers
    • Budget funds hiring 780 new officers and activation of 200 recently retired officers
    • $1 million for focused public safety recruitment
  • LAFD
    • $21 million in funding provided for five Drill Tower classes of 60 recruits, for a net increase of 100 above the projected attrition level
    • Emergency Appointment Paramedic Program
  • Mayor’s Office of Community Safety
    • Supports Gang Reduction Youth Development (GRYD) Program
    • DART (Domestic Abuse Response Teams): increases funding of approximately $2.7 million (to $3.7 million), which nearly doubles the number of DART advocates at LAPD divisions with the highest call volumes.


  • Continued refurbishment of childcare centers so they can reopen
  • Increased funding for senior meals


  • Increases the tree watering plan for more than 7,000 trees
  • Allots million for bus shelters in underserved communities
  • In addition to the required $36 million for sidewalk repair, this budget adds nearly $30 million for additional repairs and doubles funding for access ramps


  • Adds funding for additional Animal Care Technicians and positions to coordinate volunteer services


  • Nearly $200 million for Budget Stabilization Fund
  • Over $560 million for the Reserve Fund
  • $30 million Reserve for Mid-Year adjustments
  • Overall Cumulative Reserves slightly above 10%