The LAPD and Community Come Together To Save the Lives of 240 Citizens

December 5, 2007

Los Angeles: The results of the blood drive are in, 240 lives saved as the result of officers and community members who came out in support of a wounded officer.

On November 18, 2007, Officer Salazar, assigned to Narcotics Division, was run over by a narcotics suspect in a vehicle. Salazar sustained serious injuries to his face, head, and both legs. Initially, it appeared his injuries were life threatening. But, thanks to the quick and professional medical care he received he was quickly stabilized. Several days after the incident it was determined that though he would survive, he would require surgery on his face, as well as numerous surgeries on both legs.

Before the procedures on his legs three teams of specialists determined Officer Salazar would need additional blood during the surgery. As soon as the officer’s brother and sister officers heard, they quickly volunteered to donate the blood that would be needed. Seizing an opportunity to make something good of this near tragedy, a blood drive was quickly organized.

On Thursday November 29, 2007, a drive was conducted at Parker Center, which netted 80 units of blood. Officer Salazar’ surgery did in fact require blood however, not what was collected by the Police Department. The remaining blood will go to Los Angeles Area hospitals to be used in the community.

This time of year blood donations are critically low and the 80 units of blood collected will help save the lives of more than 240 individuals in need of the precious blood cells that were donated. This is a great tribute to Officer Salazar and his fellow officers in a show of support to a fellow officer and the community they serve.

For further information please contact Sergeant Michael Apodaca, the Los Angeles Police Department’s Wellness Coordinator. He can be reached at 213-216-7008.