The Los Angeles Police Department’s End of The Year Statistics NR18017ps

January 22, 2018

The Los Angeles Police Department revealed the city’s 2017 crime statistics during a press conference held at Police Headquarters Facility on January 19, 2018.

Citywide Part 1 Crimes (including the newly acquired MTA) showed a 1.3% increase from 2016. Citywide Violent Crimes (including the newly acquired MTA) showed a 2.9% increase from 2016. Citywide Property Crimes (including the newly acquired MTA) showed a 0.8% increase from 2016.

In 2017, there were 282 homicides, which was the 3rd lowest year in the past 50 years; there was a 4.1% reduction in homicides in 2017 from 2016. In the last eight years, the City of Los Angeles has had fewer than 300 homicides each year. There were 1,059 total victims shot in 2017, a 10.2% decrease or 120 fewer victims than in 2016.

Operations-South Bureau had a total of 116 homicides in 2017, which was eight fewer than in 2016. In 2017, Operations-South Bureau had the lowest number of homicides since its inception in 1973. There were a total of 510 victims shot in Operations South Bureau in 2017; this is the lowest number of victims shot in recorded history.

The Los Angeles Police Department booked 6, 538 firearms in 2017, which was a 11.0% increase from 2016.

Some of the reasons for success was the implementation of the Community Safety Operations Center, Community Safety Partnership efforts, and firearm violence reduction strategies. As the Department looks ahead at 2018, the focus will continue to be on Community Partnerships, Smart Policing and removing guns from the hands of criminals. Trust between the Los Angeles Police Department and the people we protect and serve is essential to the stability of our City, along with crime reduction utilizing forward-looking strategies.