The Los Angeles Police Department’s Polygraph Unit First in California to Receive Accreditation NR10297kr

June 3, 2010

Los Angeles:  Chief Charlie Beck is pleased to announce that the LAPD’s Polygraph Unit is the first state or local law enforcement agency in California to have successfully completed the accreditation process through Polygraph Law Enforcement Accreditation (PLEA).  

Over a five month period, from January through May of this year, the Polygraph Unit was inspected by PLEA to determine if it was operating under the “best polygraph practices” standard, as set by participating law enforcement agencies.  According to William B. Gary, Jr., Chief of the Accreditation Inspection Group, “Accreditation demonstrates a standard of service that is ethical, professional, and provides reliable results for the jurisdictions served by an accredited polygraph unit”.

The inspection looked at a wide range of criteria, including policies and procedures; quality control; statistics and reports; technical practices; consistent and equitably applied approval procedures; examiner qualifications, selection criteria and training; and properly applied technology.  In all areas, the Polygraph Unit was found to be in compliance and consistent with PLEA standards.

Accolades for the accreditation must go to Glenn Cabrera, Officer-in-Charge, Technical Laboratory, Scientific Investigation Division, and Leonard Salcedo, Officer-in-Charge., Polygraph Unit.  Cabrera and Salcedo have required excellence and professionalism from their teams, and the result of this hard work and what we are celebrating today is accreditation.

 “It does not surprise me that this accreditation has been granted, because I know the professionalism and hard work that is put forth by the men and woman in the Polygraph Unit.  It is immensely gratifying to see their hard work rewarded,” said Commander David Doan, who oversees the two units.