The Los Angeles Women’s Police Officers and Associates Organization Announce the Release of the 100 Years of Women in Law Enforcement Commemorative Magazine

September 6, 2010

Los Angeles:  The Los Angeles Women’s Police Officers and Associates (LAWPOA) organization in collaboration with Faircount Media Group, is pleased to announce the release of their 100 Years of Women In Law Enforcement commemorative magazine.  

In announcing this first of its kind publication, depicting the rise of women in the law enforcement profession, Los Angeles Police Detective Deborah Gonzales, President of LAWPOA, said, “We are very excited to produce a magazine that truly represents women as the law enforcement professionals they have worked so hard to become over the past 100 years.”  

The commemorative magazine, available on September 28, 2010, illustrates the changes and contributions that women have made to the policing profession.  Included in the magazine are articles that focus on historical and contemporary issues such as the history of women in policing, sworn and civilian relationship building, the first women of Special Weapons And Tactics (SWAT), female Chiefs of Police, bridging generational divisions, a day in the life of police psychologists, creating a whistle-blower friendly work environment, and other relevant issues.

In the 1920’s, LAWPOA made its mark in history as one of two policing organizations created by, and for women.  In 1925, Los Angeles Policewomen Marguerite Curley and Alice Stebbins Wells co-founded LAWPOA and in 1928, the two became key founders of the International Association of Women Police.

Detective Gonzales added, “with the rich history that the women of the LAPD began in the 1900’s, it seems almost irresponsible, not to commemorate the 100 years of achievements made not only by the women of the LAPD, but in every police department around the world.  It is our hope that this small glimpse into the lives of women who made such a difference will inspire both men and women to appreciate our differences and celebrate our similarities as criminal justice professionals.”

To receive a copy of the 100 Years of Women in Law Enforcement commemorative magazine, or for more information about LAWPOA, please visit:, or contact Detective Deborah Gonzales, President of LAWPOA at 213-228-9199.