The Public’s Help Requested in Locating Evacuees

November 17, 2008

Los Angeles: Numerous evacuees from the Oakridge Modular Home Neighborhood have yet to check in with any public service agency.

On November 17, 2008, it was announced that there is now a high degree of confidence that all residence of the Oakridge Neighborhood escaped or were otherwise safely evacuated from the path of the devastating fire. While this was abundantly good news and a testament to the bravery of a number of good neighbors and members of the Police and Fire Departments, it does not fully relieve the Police Department of the responsibility for a proper accounting of all evacuees.

Approximately 360 adult’s persons representing 360 individual residences in the complex contacted the American Red Cross or the Police Department and provided verifiable information which was used to determine their safety and whereabouts. In many cases those individuals verified the safety for themselves and their immediate household members.

There remain at least 166 individual property lessees, who have not called in or otherwise provided information to verify their well being. As a result, the Los Angeles Police Department must exercise due diligence in conducting an investigation to ensure that these evacuees are safe.

It is requested that the media assist the Police Department by publishing the space numbers of the persons who have not yet verified their safety and whereabouts. Oakridge residences or anyone with information regarding the location and safety of the listed Oakridge residents, are urged to call 818-838-9827.

The list is attached and can be viewed on the Los Angeles Police Department website at and the Los Angeles Fire Department blog at The updated list will also be posted at the Sylmar High School Shelter.

Los Angeles Police Department

The following spaces/residents within the Oakridge Park Community have not been accounted for by the Los Angeles Police Department. Residents from the below listed spaces are urged to contact the Mission Detective Division immediately at 818-838-9827