The Read Between the Lines Bandit Arrested

August 21, 2003

"The ‘Read Between the Lines Bandit’ Arrested"
Los Angeles: On August 18, 2003, Robbery-Homicide Division, Robbery Special Section detectives assumed the investigative responsibility of a series of miscellaneous business robberies in the San Fernando Valley Area.
The suspect, a lone male White, carrying a newspaper under his arm, entered miscellaneous businesses for the purpose of robbery. The suspect would approach the cashier, remove a handgun concealed in the newspaper and demand money from the register.
The suspect was dubbed "The Read Between the Lines Bandit." The bandit began this crime spree in June 2003. Since that time he has been linked to 14 robberies. The suspect later began repeating robberies at some of the locations.
Robbery-Homicide Detectives along with personnel from Van Nuys Area Patrol while surveying the prospective robbery location, a gas station located at 11339 Camarillo Street observed a possible suspect on a motorcycle dressed in a leather jacket, and helmet in 100-degree heat. The suspect appeared to be watching the gas station. The suspect left the location, returned and parked his motorcycle approximately 10’ from the surveillance van. Officers in the van were able to observe a tattoo on the suspect’s neck that matched the tattoo on the suspect depicted in the robbery surveillance photos.
Detectives believed that this suspect was the "Read Between the Lines Bandit" preparing to rob the gas station. The suspect was taken into custody without incident. The suspect was identified as 42 year-old George Millington, a resident of North Hollywood. The suspect had a replica handgun with a silencer and laser attachment in his backpack. This was the same weapon described by prior robbery victims and witnesses.
This press release was prepared by Public Information Officer Jason Lee, Media Relations Section, 213-485-3586.