The Spirit of the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) Special Order #40 NA11014kr

January 27, 2011

News Conference
Thursday, January 27, 2011
3 p.m.

LAPD’s Metropolitan Communications Dispatch Center
100 North Los Angeles Street
Los Angeles, Calif. 90012
LAPD Chief Charlie Beck
LAPD Deputy Chief Jose Perez, Operations-Central Bureau
LAPD Commander Scott Kroeber, Office of Special Operations
LAPD Captain Rigoberto Romero, Gang and Narcotics Division
Consulate General of Mexico, Juan Carlos Mendoza
Consulate General of Guatemala, Pablo Garcia Saenz
Consulate General of El Salvador, Walter E. Duran
Consulate General of Honduras, Olimpia Astrid Bustillo
Consulate General of Costa Rica, Xinia Vargas
Consulate General of Nicaragua, Jose Alberto Acevedo Vogel
AFLCIO Executive Secretary and Treasurer Maria Elena Durazo
Project Director of the UCLA Labor Center, Victor Narro
Asesor Titular de Conamigua, Julio Villasenor
Suplente de Consejo Asesor de Conamigua, Marvin Pinto
Director of COFECA, Policarpio Chaj
Executive Director Comite Salvadoreno el Piche, Enot Rubio
Professor of UCLA Latin American Institute Center for Mexican Studies, Octavio Pescador
Community Leader within LAPD 77th and Newton Areas, Edgar Hernandez

To provide information and assurance to the immigrant community that they are protected from immigration enforcement action when they are the victim or witness to a crime, regardless of their immigration status.

The LAPD strives to be a partner with all of the communities within the City of Los Angeles, to provide quality service, delivered with respect and compassion based on need, not immigration status.

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