The Three Faces of Homicides

April 6, 2006

Los Angeles Urban Policy Roundtable Discussions

Part I: Held on February 11, 2006
Part II: Held on March 11, 2006
Part III: April 8, 2006, at 10:00 a.m.

The Lucy Florence Coffee House
3351 West 43rd Street, Los Angeles, CA
Deputy Chief Earl C. Paysinger, Commanding Officer, Operations-South Bureau Lieutenant Gregory Allen, Officer in Charge, 77th Homicide
Lieutenant Felicia Hall, South Bureau Gang Coordinator

Los Angeles Police Department officials will take part in “The Three Faces of Homicides,” a three part series of roundtable discussions on homicides and their investigations in South Los Angeles. The roundtable discussions will be moderated by Earl Ofari Hutchinson.

Part I of the discussions focused on the many facets of why homicides occur and the societal inequities that compel those to commit acts of violence in South Los Angeles.

Part II will highlight the process of investigating homicides and attempt to dispel myths and rumors that are commonly perceived by the public.

Part III will focus on the aftermath of homicides and their impact on the communities.

For additional information please call Officer Ryan Lee, Operations-South Bureau at 213-485-4251.