Third Annual West Bureau Community Government Traffic Summit

September 20, 1999

Monday, September 20, 1999
On Tuesday, September 21, 1999, the Third Annual West Bureau Community Government Traffic Summit will take place at the Los Angeles Marriott Hotel, from 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM. The summit is conceived and hosted by the traffic committees of the West Bureau Community-Police Advisory Boards. The summit will bring together city, county, and state agencies that have traffic-related responsibilities.

The focus of this year’s Traffic Summit will be on the cumulative impact of development on traffic and the broad network of agencies required to act on these problems. Invited guests includes representatives at the highest levels of the Los Angeles Police Department, the City Attorney’s Office, the Los Angeles City Council, and the Mayor’s Office. The goal of the summit is to establish a citywide dialogue on traffic-related problems in the hope to achieve the steady and efficient flow of traffic within the City of Los Angeles.

For further information, please contact Sergeant Marsolek, West Traffic Division at 213-473-0215.

For Release 10:35 am PST
September 20, 1999